Beauty Pageant Contest & Runway

Beauty Pageant Contest management, mainly ‘Bride of the World - Japan’ as well as

Internationally recognized Runway and Fashion Week/Shows;

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Bride  of  Japan 2016







Bride  of  Japan 2015







Bride  of  Japan 2014






Trading House Business

We have over a decade of experience in trading and direct marketing.

Our experts and professionals are well aware of both local demands and overseas product development,

especially regarding cosmetics and skincare. While depending on the product as a distributor,

importer and/or trade consultant in Japan we conduct strong overseas trading with our associates.


We advise our clients where to start, assist with all the procedures and on top of this we support them in

marketing & business opportunities. Our product manufacturers are small or medium size local Japanese

corporate as well as some foreign cosmetics companies.

We select companies from which to import on the basis of quality, exclusivity, flexibility and overall

high potential consumer demand.

Our Japan`s Distribution and Wholesaler channels are:

I. Department Store

II. Variety Shops (over 3000 stores across Japan in all major chains such as LOFT, PLAZA, TOKYU HANDS, etc)

III. Pharmacies (over 20,000 shops all over Japan with huge purchasing power)

IV. TV Channels (Shop channels such as QVC) 

V. Tsuhan Journals (Peach John and magazine sales)

VI. Door to Door Catalogue Sales


Our overseas associates and distributors/importers are mainly based in:

      Middle East


      China & Korea


      North America

      Malaysia & Indonesia


It is our priority to build trustworthy and genuine business relations with

our associates and we look forward to be working with you in the long term.




Spokeswomen & Life Planning Training and Beauty Image Consultancy & Holistic Beauty;

Models and Talents management locally and internationally